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Hi sweeties!

Since September 3 the whole area where I live is without a phone line and without internet which has been a hell of a thing for me, because my work is all online. I had to go to a cyber to update the blog.

The day I do this photoshoot something horrible happened to me and if you have me on Facebook you should know the story, but basically what happened was that a man was upset because I did not say "Good afternoon" in response to his harassment. In a few words he pursued me to say: In other times you would have had my pistol on your head; the most shocking thing is that he knows where I live and that is something that very few people know because I live a long way away, I can last a long time without leaving my house and yet he knows me when I did not know anything about him. Crazy right?

As for the oufit I decided to wear black stockings mainly because the shorts are very short, as well as showing them how the jersey acquired in TOSAVE and how the Chinese measurements are. I ordered it size S even though I previously told them that they will always order a larger size than usual, especially if they are fat (◄ You should not be offended by something like that).

So I had to order size M but I took the measurements and the S should have been perfect especially because now I weigh 7 kilos less (I'm going to disappear), I was fine but a little tight for my taste, I do not fit tight for anything but if you lack a little more looseness for my taste.

Ignore the wrinkles in my clothes, forget to iron it and crinkle even more in the backpack. To know more about the quality of the jersey and the purchase process go to ►MINI HAUL TOSAVE.

The pantyhose I am selling them with international shipping, so if you are interested write me to my social networks but, it will take a while to respond because of my connection problem.

Jersey: TOSAVE 
♥ Short: Traki
♥ Blusa: Pima Cotton
♥ Botas: Femeni
♥ Lentes - Pendientes: Balú Moda
♥ Photoshoot: Stherit


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