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I had a hard week on a physical level, I did a long walk on a very steep road and the next day my calves were swollen and my feet hurt. Thought it was normal because I didn't exercise normally, but this male continued for several days.

At some point I came to think that I had a mosquito-related illness again, but today I am better and I want to share an online store that sells cheap prom dresses and plus size prom dresses.

This spectacular black dress fascinates me, although it is short it has a beautiful detachable long skirt in matte fabric, a great contrast with the bright fabric of the dress, as a half-man design is ideal for dancing all night..

What I enjoy most about this online store is that it has beautiful models of plus size dresses. Like this cute V-Neck Beading Brilliant A-Line Chiffon dress, this cut lengthens the neck achieving a more stylized effect.

Look at that! This dress is like BAM! Seriously, it's super sexy I love the details and small appliques in rhinestones. An important aspect: the cut under the armpits is high so it does not allow extra rolls to escape. Girls the important thing is to know how to highlight the curves, not to hide them because sometimes it is not good.

I can recommend all the dresses in the world but remember that the best complement is your confidence in yourself. A confident woman with attitude and confidence stands out wherever she goes and if you wear one of these dresses, OMG! you will be the queen of the night!

I wish that for this new year 2020, you work in yourself as a person, in your mind, in body and in your spirit. Don't get carried away by social dictates, just think about your health and peace of mind.


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Jen Ricardo

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  1. I love all these dresses, but my favourite is the first one!
    You have said that the best complement is your confidence in yourself, and I agree with you, my favourite complement is a true smile.

    Chanel. <3


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