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Classic Blue, the color of the year chosen by pantone. I have already thought about a couple of designs for branding based on this color, and that has led me to start looking for dresses in blue tones.

A long party dress should never be missing in a closet, if you are a person who comes out of the house regularly and with a lively social life it is essential that I have a long prom dress.

And this leads me to tell you that this year I am here to do new things, meet more people, have new hobbies, attend many events and travel.

It is possible that there is an event where you should wear long party dresses, so I present some dresses that I got in blue.

This dress in an elegant blue tone is beautiful, with a nice V-cut to the front in satin fabric, with a bandana that highlights the waist. It is classic and elegant.

I really like this store, first because of the amount of varied dresses that she has, because of her prom dresses  and because they accept Paypal as a payment method, for me this is the best part.

⬆The Navy Blue One-Shoulder Prom Dress and this Mermaid Sweetheart Sleeved dress⬇ both made in sequins so similar and different at the same time. The first with a sexy design and the second with long sleeves fallen reminiscent of the times of yesteryear but adapted to the present.

My choice that seemed inspired by the Blue Classic, expect a turn around the web of Suzhoudress and see the wide variety of dresses plus size possess including, yes! Dresses for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Christmas and are prepared for the next vacation. Summer is coming ... (did you read it with the voice of GOT?)

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Jen Ricardo

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  1. These dreesses look amazing. You are right, a blue dress is a must. Now I have a red and a pink one but just realized the next one must be blue. Many thank for the advice. I love the mermaid sleeves look lovely on these girls :)


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