Non-white wedding dresses

Luxury Champagne Gold Wedding Dresses

Happy New Year!.

My 2020 started designing, because if you don't know it, I'm a graphic designer focused on branding for women entrepreneurs and I love it. I love to start the year doing what I like.

This year I am 30 years old and I still can't get the fucking passport, and this age is perfect for traveling or knowing your country, knowing the world (lucky with passport) or marrying hahahaha.

Although what really excites me about a wedding has always been the wedding dress itself. Being able to wear a dream dress and walk the church walkway and be seen fabulously by all.

I swear that if it were for me, I would marry only to be able to wear a great wedding dress. And this thought led me to find beautiful prom wedding dresses.

But these are not the typical white wedding dresses, I decided to look for a few beautiful wedding dresses in promotion of a different color.

☝ Let's start with the first dress, Luxury Champagne Gold Wedding Dresses, with princess cut and a long sleeves in nude fabric with small touch of bright appliques. A total exqusites, the basket in promotion.

This cute dress in a sweet old pink tone, with a sweetheart neckline, drooping shoulders and a cute lace is super feminine.

It is super elegant golden dress with a mermaid shape, in satin fabric, embroidered applique, which includes a nice headdress and ends with a super cute tail, I love it because it has a style that reminds me of India, I think this model is ideal For brown skin.

This last pink dress although it is not my style seemed very cute, connotes innocence in some way. I think a loose hair and a long veil would look much cuter.

Girls I want to clarify that I am not one of those who follow the norms dictated by society, there is no law that says we should get married at 20, 30 or 40. But if I would like to wear a wedding dress at some point in my life for the reasons already described.

Remember that only you own your life and nobody should tell you how to live it.

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Jen Ricardo

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