This blog was born in August of 2014 in order to give my opinion on the products that I use for personal care, mainly on cosmetics and makeup. But, I'm also very interested in Asian snacks. Although I also have wicks hobbies that I like to share in the blog.

I really take the time to write every review, from product photography, to making photoshoots for outfits, editing photos and writing reviews. I really like to devote myself correctly to the blog and especially to make my own photographs.

Although the entries are mostly written in Spanish, I have readers of t the mute, the main countries are: USA, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico and Russia.

The blog has a mostly female audience, in addition I have different social networks to share my tickets, mainly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I must say that I always make my honest opinion about the reviews, since I like to be honest with my readers and thus gain their confidence with my real opinion.

I am willing to make any type of collaboration, as long as I can test the product in advance to be able to make a sincere review to my readers.


♥ Proof of products: The main objective of the blog is the product reviews, so I am willing to try any type of product that I was sent and write a review on it.

Which will include:

• Logo of the store.
• Store link.
• Product link.
• Mention and etiquette on my social networks.

♥ Sweepstakes: The store can offer products to draw among my followers, which will be accompanied by a post with link and photos.

♥ Writing and posting: I can write about the store and / or products in exchange for a payment with products or via Paypal.

♥ Banners: I can place the banner of your store in the sidebar of the blog, for a payment in products or via Paypal. (1 month onwards)

I would like to point out that, I have a baby named Pocky and he would also love to try his products.

To finish, I invite you to see the  REVIEWSof the blog, so you can appreciate the reviews that I have made. I would be delighted to receive your proposal in my mail. Kisses!